Z’s Education Plan

May 6, 2023 | SEND

Education Plan

Z’s Education Plan – Approach

Our sessions will take place online as one to one-lessons with our tutor (with background supervision from the Deputy Head). We will be using Google Classroom and Zoom simultaneously. Our Zoom invites will be posted in Google Classroom. Our sessions will be both synchronous using Zoom and asynchronous using Google Classroom where lesson resources will be posted alongside homework assignments. If Z were to need to contact us between sessions, our classroom space would be where this would happen.

Following up on the school’s information about Z’s SEND, we ran our own initial SEND assessment that showed Z had a risk of dyscalculia. We used the Educational Psychologist Screening Service. Our initial tests confirmed Z’s difficulties with memory and recall. However, we would advise that a full EHCP would need to be undertaken to confirm our initial test results. Working with an assumption of dyscalculia, our sessions will be arranged in 40-minute (max) segments to optimise concentration and engagement levels. We will be prioritising Maths, as requested by the school. The sessions will be 3 hours in length on a day of Z’s choosing.

The Maths provision will consist of two 40-minute sessions and one 25-minute session (which will include a 10 min recap session (AfL, Assessment for Learning)). Each 40-minute session will be separated by a short break. The Chemistry provision will consist of one 40-minute session and 10-minute recap session (AfL).

Both subject provisions will address Z’s difficulties with memory and recall.

Some of the strategies that we will use to address Z’s learning challenges include using hide and reveal, regularly returning to previous work, role reversal and assessing learning every lesson. All lessons will begin with AfL in the form of reflective questions based on previous learning. Each lesson will end with an assessment style set of questions – likely an “exit card” type of question.

Homework will also be provided each week and will be broken down into smaller, more manageable, chunks of work; self-marking and easily monitored by the tutor throughout the week – coinciding with work that she will be already receiving from school.


As Z is currently working towards a year-end grade 1 in maths and a grade 22 in science, it is clear that there are large gaps in her knowledge. Initial testing will be carried out using Kahoot, so that lessons can be tailored better to fit Z’s specific requirements. Example questions will be created by our tutor or will be taken from past exam papers (AQA, EdExcel). Questions will be chosen so as to reflect the learning that is expected of Z at this stage of her education (using the schemes of work provided as guides). However, we will also include questions to stretch and challenge her understanding.
Typical Weekly Timetable

8.55amChecking in
9 am – 9.40amMaths
Break (5mins)
9.45am – 10.30amMaths
Break (5mins)
10.35am – 10.50amMaths
10.50 – 11amRecap (AfL) and homework setting
Break (5mins)
11.05am – 11.45Chemistry
Break (5mins)
11.50 – 12pmRecap (AfL) and homework setting

*We can negotiate the week day most convenient for Z


Maths & Chemistry

As mentioned above, Kahoot will feature as a resource.

Other resources such as BBC Bitesize and YouTube will also be used where appropriate. Particularly with Chemistry – if experiments are needed to be watched.

Dr Ornette D Clennon
Deputy Head
MEaP Academy Virtual School