We Are Celebrating 2022 GCSE Exam Success!

Oct 4, 2022 | After-School

Well done to our tutors and our 2022 GCSE exam cohort whose; tailored, focused and consistent preparation efforts supported by MEaP’s Twilight Academy sessions on the run up to exams materialised in successful results! It is always a delight to hear back from our students, we are super proud of them!

Here is a testimonial from our alumnus Zion that warms our hearts:

“I just thought it would be nice to share my GCSE results to my respective tutors -thanks to the consistent push you kept giving me to excel , as well as the wonderful tips & knowledge I achieved a grade 8 in English Language & a grade 9 in English Literature. Thanks to the extra help in supporting me in topics I wasn’t too confident in, I achieved a grade 8 in Maths along with Grade 7s in all my sciences.

I want to say a huge thank you to all my tutors & the time you put in to educate both myself & my peers. The results are evident of our combined hard work & I really appreciate it. Thank you also to Dr Ornette for your constant support & added tips during our lessons – they were really helpful

A message for my other peers who are yet to do their GCSEs my advice to you is to keep working hard & expect all the help you can in your various subjects. It may seem overwhelming but trust me you’ll be proud of the effort you put into it & the results will definitely reflect that. I hope you all have a fantastic academic year to come!” 🙂

If you would like online afterschool tuition (of KS3/4 Maths, English and Sciences) for your year 10 or year 11 child approaching their GCSEs; please don’t hesitate to register your interest here: for more information about our Twilight Academy.