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Group of Black Men and Black Women in Office Setting

Welcome to our Student Portal

This portal is designed to allow you access to resources and content to help you achieve your study goals.

We will regularly upload content to this page for you to browse, so remember to visit this page often. 

This page will also be your entry point to access Google Classroom, an online platform where you will be given a private folder so you can submit work to be graded by your teacher.

Assignments and due dates can also be viewed to keep you on track and allow your teachers to monitor your progress, grade your work and provide you relevant comments, feedback and study resources.

Please see below to read what our students are saying about working with us!

Google classrooms

Based on the course(s) you are taking, sign in to Google Classroom (you would have been given a login and password when you registered with us:

If you struggle to access Google Classroom, or do not have a login, please speak to your tutor.

I loved spending every second with the students in the classroom, they made me feel very welcomed and appreciated. The environment of the classroom and being around the students and staff was very calming and comforting. Working as a team with the other staff, made everything so much easier, as everyone was helpful and we all looked out for one another. It was an experience that I would not forget. How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Saida Hadriz – Man Met Student Ambassador working in the school

This is something that will benefit me and I’ve noticed a real improvement in my school subjects. The atmosphere here (in the university) has raised my aspirations. I really think this is benefiting me.

Young Person

I can see the benefit of attending the Easter booster classes. Attending the University is more aspirational. I want to do a degree in engineering.

Young Person

I was worried when I got my first mock results: Science – fail, Maths – 4, English – 2. Second mock results (after attending Twilight School): Science – 4, Maths – 5, English – 4. I’ve recommended the school to friends and they came. It’s time well spent and attending the university has raised my aspirations

Young Person