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MEaP Academy Community Training & Research Institute

Director of Training: Hambeleleni Abisai
Director of Research: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Welcome to our landing page for MaCTRI where members, partners, scholars and students can access their training & research spaces.

MaCTRI is our training and research arm within the Community Education Centre, where we are passionate about delivering training that enhances our teaching.

We also deliver wider training as part of our Apprenticeships programmes with our network of employment providers. Underpinning our training, we are equally passionate about community research into social justice and the critical thinking it reveals.

You can read about how we are the legacy of a research partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, here.

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MaCTRI Blogsite

We are pleased to share our publications, training and research with you, such as:

Young Manchester Research: Tackling Racial Injustice

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Making Education a Priority (MEaP): International Research

MEaP Academy Scholars’ Publishing Programme (MaSPP)

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Keeping it Real, a BBC Outreach and MaCTRI research project with young people

Here you can also read about some of our advocacy such as:

Making Education a Priority (MEaP): International Advocacy at the United Nations

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Training & Research Spaces

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I am delighted to welcome you to MaCTRI's landing page! We are very honoured to house innovative and exciting community-led training and research projects that showcase the enormous intellectual and creative talents residing in our grassroots communities, across the country and beyond.
Dr Ornette D Clennon – Head of Institute