QTLS Teacher Training Success at MEaP

Apr 10, 2017 | General MEaP News

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We are proud to report on the success of two of our teachers. Kunle and Fenelon have just earned their QTLS (Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills) status for post 14 Education. (QTLS is recognised as equal to QTS in status).

Both our teachers were able to use their teaching time at our Twilight School at MMU to gain their qualified teacher status. Fenelon used his Maths and Physics classes as his professional formation that led to his QTLS.

For his QTLS professional formation, Kunle used his Maths classes. This is what he had to say about his teacher training experience with MEaP:

I did my practice towards my QTLS qualification with MEaP. It was a wonderful experience which helped me to put in practice all the theories and principles into teaching Maths. I had great relationship with the staff and the learners, and it was nice to see that the learners progressed very well. I will recommend MEaP  for QTLS placement  and also to parents who are looking for educational supports for their children. MEaP is the place to be.

We wish Fenelon and Kunle every future success in their teaching careers!!