Dr Esther Oludipe

Dr Esther Oludipe is the Head of MEaP Academy Community Education Centre. She is a qualified Pharmacist and a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council. Esther has over 30 years post qualification experience as a Scientist and Academic (Lecturer and Researcher; King’s College, London and University of Ibadan, Nigeria), a Community Development worker and a Community Pharmacist.  She is an author of several peer reviewed scientific papers and books. As a scientist, Esther has worked extensively on anti-oxidants from plant origin especially of the edible vegetables with a view towards promoting health awareness of the use of antioxidants in the prevention of over a hundred disease conditions based on oxidative stress in humans. These conditions range from the neurodegenerative to heart diseases, AIDS and Cancer. Esther has also received many Fellowships and awards for her research into Pharmacognosy, where she has conducted:

  • Ethnobotanical Surveys
  • Phytochemical Screening and Biological evaluations of ethnopharmacologically based recipes
  • Isolation, purification and characterisation/structural elucidation of bioactive components from medicinal plants using techniques such as HPLC, Mass spec, NMR
  • In-vivo and in vitro biological evaluations
  • Toxicological evaluations of bioactive constituents and extracts
  • Formulation studies and clinical trials

Esther is also the chair of Highway Hope, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation of which the Highway Hope supplementary schools have teamed up with other leading Manchester supplementary schools to form our MEaP consortium. Esther’s background as a scientist drives her passion for STEM subject teaching in the MEaP consortium and is also combined with her interest in community health and wellbeing.