Our Manchester, Our Supplementary Schools Conference, December 9th, 2017

Dec 13, 2017 | General MEaP News

We were invited to deliver workshops on teacher training for supplementary school teachers. Here are some of the insights we gained from the participants:

Teacher Training Workshop for Supplementary School Educators

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A prelude…..A little twitter conversation about Teacher Training (mainstream)

On to our workshop…..

Consulting our Community Teachers

Interesting here that our group picked out cultural competency training as an important knowledge and skill set for a community-based teacher (echoing the twitter thread above).

In addition to even greater knowledge of the mainstream and the desire for collaboration, the ability to mentor and perhaps teach parents, is also an implicit need in the skill set of a community-based teacher.

Here are some notes from the rest of the conference:

English an Additional Language

Manchester’s oldest Supplementary School

The Challenges of being a registered Exam Centre

Keeping Safe Online