Our Digital Inclusion Project

Dec 22, 2021 | After-School

Smart Phones with data

Community calling Project is a digital inclusion Initiative in partnership with Young Manchester and Hubbub for the Community Calling Initiative to deliver 2,000 mobiles phones across Manchester to support families to stay connected during the lockdown.

The first phase took place during 2021 to deliver the first 1000 smartphones across Manchester, with each phone distributed with a user guide, charger and 12 months of free top-up. The top-up includes 6GB data per month, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

As part of the scheme, MEaP Academy Community Education Centre served as a local hub across South and Central Manchester acting as a distribution centre for mobiles that could be allocated to young people/beneficiaries and their families.

During the past 12 months, we have allocated approximately 250 phones through our consortium partners.

Stay Connected Initiative-Raspberry Pi Computers

Stay Connected is an initiative by Raspberry Pi to distribute Raspberry Pi computers to young people most in need of one for their schooling during the lockdown.

MEaP Academy Community Education Centre joined up in partnership with Young Manchester to identify the families most in need and then redistributed the computers to them.

The Stay Connected to School programme is supporting those in need who meet the following criteria:

  • Age: 6-18yrs
  • Education: In full-time
  • Device access: Lack a suitable device for completing their schoolwork at home and the resources to acquire such a device
  • Internet access: Have an internet connection at home or can be supported to obtain an internet connection

During the past 12 months, MEaP consortium partners allocated 136 computer kits to families across Manchester.