New Book – Decoloniality in the Grassroots

Dec 4, 2023 | MaCTRI News

Our book ‘Decoloniality in the Grassroots and the Re-emergence of the Black Organic Intellectual’ is the latest volume in our trailblazing book series Palgrave Studies in Decolonisation and Grassroots Black Organic Intellectualism

This series provides open, frank and accessible discussion about decolonial issues of praxis found on the ground from those who work in various community roles and provides a nuanced academic analysis and reflection of the ideas presented in the first half of the chapter (especially useful for an academic readership). Academics will gain a closer understanding of how decolonial theory manifests in real world settings outside of academia, influencing community development. The challenge of the series is to convey the lively and diverse black intellectual activity happening in community spaces that in terms of epistemology, unwittingly continues the academic decolonial dialogue in terms of application to real world social justice issues. E Many activists have lost the connection with (or are not fully aware of) pre-1980s Black public intellectual activity around social justice, as much of it at a theoretical level now takes place in academia. There are scholar- activists who are indeed attempting to bridge this gap but the vast majority of them are university-based looking out rather than community-based looking in. This series attempts to address this balance

From Palgrave Macmillan

We are particularly excited by this volume because it marks our Institute’s partnership with the Federal University of the Amazon in Brazil, as our Institute Head, Dr Ornette D Clennon is Visiting Professor there. This volume also closely maps out the reason for the need of community knowledge hubs where community intellectuals, activists, educators etc. can join forces to help fashion solutions to state barriers to community development and fulfillment of its potential. The book discusses these processes in both the UK and Brazil, as their respective grassroots communities share their common challenges and strategies for overcoming them.