MEaP Recruitment Policy

Signed:  MEaP Board
Last Revision Date: 10th February 2023
Next Review Date: February 2024

About The Recruitment Policy

The Recruitment Policy is designed to help MEaP adopt best practice in recruitment and selection. Heavily influenced by the Acts of Parliament, including the Data Protection Act.=

  1. MEaP recognises staff members as being fundamental to its success. A strategic and professional approach to recruitment process will enable MEaP to attract and appoint staff with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfil its strategic aims and support MEaP’s values.
  2. MEaP is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, effective, and promotes equality of opportunity.
  3. It is MEaP policy to advertise vacancies in local and regional publications that will attract suitable applicants from a diverse range of communities. MEaP will also advertise through local job centres and community associations, colleges, universities and other educational establishments.
  4. All recruitment of staff will be based on agreed job descriptions and person specifications. Candidates will be assessed against agreed selection criteria based on relevant knowledge, skills, competencies, experience and qualifications to perform the role as outlined in the person specification.
  5. Shortlisting will be undertaken by at least two of Trustees who will be involved in the interviewing process.
  6. Any skills test (e.g. presentations) will be directly related to the role and measured against objective criteria. Candidates must be notified of the details of any skills test, when they are invited for interview.
  7. Interview questions will relate to the job requirements as exemplified in the person specification. The person specification will be used as the basis for determining the interview questions.
  8. The choice of appointee will be determined by the matrix recording graded performance of the applicant. The majority view of the interviewers would assist this process.
  9. At the end of the recruitment process all records will be retained by MEaP for at least six months.
  10. Offers of employment are conditional upon receipt of satisfactory references.

Staffing and Employment Matters

  1. Aim to attract and retain the best people by providing competitive employment packages, training and career development opportunities.
  2. Ensure that the highest degree of welfare and safety is maintained at all times. Ensure that elements of risk are identified early and properly managed.
  3. Establish and develop lasting relationships, based on mutual trust and respect for all persons involved with MEaP.
  4. Create a culture with the team of workers, to resolve disputes quickly and effectively as soon as they occur.
  5. Establish processes that incorporate a system for measuring and monitoring performance effectively, incorporating the use of benchmarking to achieve continuous improvement.
  6. Eliminate time wasting protracted correspondence that may have negative value.
  7. Establish fast and efficient lines of communication with the use of the most appropriate technology.
  8. Create a positive working environment that encourages co-operation rather than conflict.

These objectives will enable MEaP to develop the right approach as an on-going process towards improving overall performance and achieving best value.