MEaP achieves Manchester City Council’s Higher Award for Quality and Safeguarding and more…

Dec 3, 2023 | General MEaP News

Manchester City Council Higher Award for Quality Standards and Safeguarding

We are elated to announce MEaP’s trailblazing achievement of securing the Manchester City Council ‘Higher Award’ for Quality Standards in Safeguarding.

The award was presented to MEaP during the Manchester Supplementary Schools Achievement Awards Celebration (hosted by Manchester City Council’s Safeguarding in Education team, in partnership with the MSSP and the Growth Company) on 1st July 2023. Exquisitely, our consortium partner Nurturing Foundations also received their Foundation Award for Quality Standards in Safeguarding during this same event! The safety and well-being of the young people that we are privileged to serve is of critical importance to MEaP and its consortium partners. We are pleased to be a trailblazer in raising the standards of quality offered to young people in our afterschool settings and beyond!

More about Manchester City Council’s Higher Award for Quality Standards and Safeguarding

(more about the award) coming soon

How MEaP achieved this

MEaP – completed Higher Award 2019 and has evidenced continuous high quality standards Spring 2023 (Manchester City Council)

Manchester City Council Honours MEaP Staff

MEaP celebrated valued staff by nominating them for the Manchester City Council Awards for Supplementary Schools. MEaP is very proud of our English Teacher Ruth Shuttleworth, who deservingly received an award for Creative Teaching and Learning. We are also proud of our Director Henry Ngawoofah who received a Community Partnerships certificate; also our Director Amber Ambisai, who was given a certificate celebrating her Youth Voice and Children’s Rights contributions this year.

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