Launching a new Community Education Centre for our troubled times

Launching a new Community Education Centre for our troubled times

Making Education a Priority (MEaP) has just opened a new virtual community education hub for their communities called MEaP Academy Community Education Centre.

The Greater Manchester education enterprise, Making Education a Priority (MEaP) has risen out of the ashes of pandemic challenges with its virtual community education hub.

Amber Abisai, one of the leads for the After-school said, “Even though we are facing challenges like everyone else in our sector, we’ve just about managed to adapt to the current conditions and are beginning to see hope for ourselves and our local communities”. Amber believes that due to COVID-19, MEaP has been forced to think creatively about how it continues to deliver its educational activities in the most efficient and streamlined way for its communities.

MEaP Academy Community Education Centre is an exciting collaboration between its current departments; After-school, Lifelong Learning and Sklills4Life that sees a cross-fertilisation of ideas on the Education Centre’s virtual online platform. The Centre has also developed a Digital Inclusion strategy charged with outreaching and equipping as many in their local communities as possible with innovative solutions to equipment and internet access issues.

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