Consortium Partners
(Our consortium of supplementary schools)

Our consortium of African and African Caribbean-led supplementary schools comprises Highway Hope Supplementary School, Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT) Academy Supplementary School, Highway Hope Social Enterprise, Twilight School at MMU and Nurturing Foundations.

Group of Black Millennials at Office - Staffroom

Highway Hope Supplementary Schools and Social Enterprise

The Highway Hope Supplementary School was set up to encourage the growth of children’s sense of self-esteem, which we believe is essential for them to excel in society. We provide opportunities for every child to acquire both academic and social knowledge and skill. We raise their standards of education by focusing on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We provide extra-curricular activities such as talks and presentations about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking. Plus, we introduce children to positive role models with professional guest speakers, some of whom also help with educational counselling. Our success is demonstrated by the numbers of children who subsequently enjoy increased attainment levels at their mainstream schools. We also work closely with parents, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the UK educational system.

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT) Academy Supplementary School

The GIFT Academy Supplementary School was set up to increase the educational achievements of young people, particularly boys. The service strives to engage them with education as a way of improving their academic attainments, self-esteem, confidence and personal development. The aim is also to inspire and encourage young people to persist in achieving a solid educational foundation, providing them with valuable insight into the importance of working hard to achieve their goals. We provide a range of services to students aged 8 to 16 years old, including Saturday school/After-school learning support, employability and enterprise skills and mentoring and positive role models.

Our sessions also include personal development workshops, educational trips, and heritage and cultural workshops. As well as providing support for core curriculum subjects, we work with parents to involve them with our learning and teaching. We also develop partnerships with local schools to help parents manage conflicts, provide them with advocacy support, enable them to help their children complete homework and involve them in monitoring their children’s progress.

Twilight School at MMU

Twilight School at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) offers After-School Provision and MEaP Academy Online School.

Nurturing Foundations

Nurturing Foundations was established in 2018 to help communities address unhealthy, negative and anti-social behaviour. We are passionate about helping individuals attain their maximum potential by becoming empowered global citizens, capable of making the right choices at all times.
We provide training sessions – catering to over 30 nationalities – which include:

  • Support and training for activities that develop Social and Life skills
  • Support for children, young adults, the elderly and communities to enable participation in responsible global citizenship
  • Mentoring and Mental Health Support, promoting Health and wellbeing
  • Social inclusion